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Storage Tips

Storage Tips:Storage Tips

  • Make a clear list of things you are storing and the box number it is in.
  • Try to pack all your stuff in uniform boxes. Stack them over each other.
  • Keep the boxes which you may frequently need near the entrance to save you effort later.
  • Check the weights. Keep the heavier boxes on the bottom while stacking the lighter ones on top.

Here are some more packing and storage tips:

  • Be sure to wrap the fragile items in a soft packing material to avoid breakage.
  • Try to disassemble larger pieces of furniture.
  • Do not store contraband or inflammable items in the storage unit.
  • Cover mattresses and store them flat on level surfaces.
  • Use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to minimize shifting objects.
  • Ensure you leave some walkways between your storage items.
  • Make sure you have insurance coverage. Check your homeowners or renters policy to confirm coverage or sign up for a policy when you check in.
  • It is always good to cover your furnishings with plastic covers and use plastic bins to keep your possessions free from insects or potential water damage.